sábado, 3 de septiembre de 2011

CD Review: Aldemar Valentin - Ficciones

To be the best you have to play with the best. Any good musician knows that and like he did in his first album Finding my Path, bassistAldemar Valentin surrounded himself with some of the best jazz musicians from Puerto Rico. Instead of a quartet, this time the format is a quintet with Norberto Ortiz on saxophone, Julito Alvarado on trumpet, Raul Maldonado on drums, Raul Romero on guitar (Romero played on Valentin's first album) and of course Valentin on bass.

Valentin outstanding compositions and well developed themes, mostly in the jazz fusion tradition, at times echoing the music of such greats as Pat Metheny, have a perfect balance of complex, dense textures and rhythms and accesibility. And allows this group of outstanding musicians to shine with inventive, ellegant improvisations on the tracks "Ficciones", "Santurce Triste", and "Amistad". For "Cacique Rebelde", a piece with a distinct latin influence, Valentin invited two special guests, percussion extraordinaire Paoli Mejias and master saxophonist Miguel Zenon.

Tracks: Ficciones, Santurce Triste, Cacique Rebelde, Amistad, Saga

Musicians: Aldemar Valentin - bass, Raul Romero - guitar, Julito Alvarado - trumpet, Raul Maldonado - drums, Norberto Ortiz - saxophone, Paoli Mejias - percussion (3), Miguel Zenon (3)